The  COTON DE TULEAR belongs to the Bichon family of dogs. They were once reserved for royalty in Madagascar. Today they are growing in their popularity throughout the World..........and most Coton de Tulear owners will tell you they consider the Coton, the "Perfect Pet"!!!!! 

This is a charming, very sweet, lively and loyal dog with tons and tons of personality.  They are a clown by nature and love making people feel good.  This is why in France they are referred to as an "anti-depressant".  The Coton adapts well to whatever environment they find themselves to be a part of.  They love the city life or the rural life.    They are forever happy as long as they have their families to play with and love.  
Our Coton de Tulear Puppies are registered with the  UKC and have been  breed to FCI standards.  All have champion packed pedigrees and have come from award winning show homes.     
We are very proud of our Cotons and love them dearly.  Our puppies are raised in our family room with lots of  love and tender care.  If  you are new to the Coton world you are in for a prepared for one of these adorable Coton's to steal your heart!!!
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